We are not a PR agency that also does influencers

we are an influencer agency that also does PR.

Why Actorvate?

  • Data-driven – Campaign KPI crushers
  • Excellent reputation with influencers and artist management
  • End-to-end campaign management – From strategy to deliverables – we do it all
  • Quick turnarounds and reaction time – We’re a nimble team with excellent influencer relationships
  • Content creation – We employ qualified strategists, copy writers and a creative production team
  • Technology – We use world-leading technology to ensure the right influencer selection, audience and reporting.

At Actorvate we pride ourselves on developing concepts, strategies and content that best fits the relevant social medium. We work well with existing ATL agencies to devise bespoke and impactful campaigns.


we’ve worked with SA’s top-tier influencers and celebrities.

Our Clients

What We Do

Influencer Strategy

Tailor made influencer strategy to meet overall campaign objective. Ensure that the influencer strategy integrates with the brand’s overall Digital and Media strategy.

Strategy may include:

  • Appearances (amplify activations, launch events,MC duties, media interviews)
  • Social media campaign
  • Create viral content
  • Competitions/giveaways
  • CSI campaign
  • Sampling (press packs)

Paid Media

Putting money behind posts has become an essential component of driving brand awareness – and we know all the ropes

Influencer Selection

Correct influencer selection is vital to the success of your campaign

Things to consider:

  • Cost
  • Brand Objectives: Reach vs Engagement
  • RARE – Resonate, Authentic, Relevant,
  • Engagement
  • Match with brand values?
  • Any other brand affiliations?
  • Who is their audience?

Contract Negotiation and Payment

Actorvate covers the following:

  • Fee negotiation and payment terms
  • Confirm deliverables
  • Draw-up on contracts
  • Secure Non-Compete
  • Confirm Usage Rights
  • Confirm Conduct
  • Termination Clause
  • Payment Terms
  • Actorvate manages the payment of influencers directly

Influencer Briefing

  • Arrange briefing (in person, telephonic, digital)
  • Confirm content for social media posts is delivered
  • Confirm social media handles and hashtags
  • Confirm preferred messaging
  • Confirm competitive products

Management of Influencer Deliverables

Actorvate manages the following:

  • Manage content calendar for influencer deliverables
  • Send reminders and directions/location pins
  • On stand-by 24/7 for the unexpected

Proof of Performance

Screengrabs of all social media activity will be saved for post campaign report

Post Campaign Report

Actorvate can provide a full campaign report showing:

  • Coverage received
  • Engagement statistics
  • ROI

Public Relations

Many of Actorvate’s Account Managers cut their teeth in the PR industry and we are exceptionally well connected. We can add value to any campaign by adding a PR element. Our copy writers can turnaround quality press releases quickly.

Content creation

Content creation is the name of the game, and it often needs to be turned around fast. You snooze, you lose.

We have an outstanding production team that understands social media content and our on–call script writers have the ability to tie it all together.

Live Reporting

Our live reporting software allows us to track results against our KPI’s from the first post. Actorvate can therefore send reports as often as client requires.

Live reporting allows us to update deliverables according to the reports.


we work with nano right through to macro-influencers.

Our Influencers

Actorvate does not directly represent any influencers. Rather, we assist in the selection of the most appropriate influencer personalities for each unique campaign, based on the brand’s needs and goals. Our vast network and professional reputation assures our clients access to a wide range of celebrities, social media influencers and thought leaders.


We are on the pulse.