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4 Ways to Be an Authentic Influencer

Today on our blog, Actorvate shares our top tips on 4 Ways to Be an Authentic Influencer.

Let’s face it – we have all in some way been influenced by someone to make a purchase. Even if it wasn’t an ‘influencer’ who got you to buy those shoes, or book that holiday, you could have been nudged to do so by a family member – really, anyone has the ability to influence.

Being influential has a lot to do with how people perceive you – and if they see you as an authentic person. Sharing a campaign message, product or service needs to come across as genuinely as possible, so as to persuade a purchasing decision.

So, with that in mind, here’s 4 Ways to Be an Authentic Influencer

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  1. Don’t be someone you’re not: There’s never any value in pretending to be someone you’re not, just to impress others – this will only get you so far until people start to notice your inauthenticity. Instead, get real with your audience and always aim to be as open and honest about yourself as possible. For example , stories and lives as an example allow for more authentic content.
  2. Only choose brands that resonate with you: Promoting everything that comes your way without really knowing what you’re selling can eventually discredit you when your followers start realising your lack of knowledge on the products. Test the product and be familiar with the brand so that you can answer questions and prove that you do in fact like and endorse a product or service.
  3. Don’t join an engagement pod: Engagement pods are groups of creators who get together and engage on others posts. Rather commit to daily community management and authentically engage with your audience through comments, DM’s and replies – so as to naturally increase your engagement on your content.
  4. Not everything has to be sponsored, but when it is, don’t hide it: Keep in mind that not all of your posts should be sponsored, no one wants to see a feed of ads. Make sure to shake things up by sharing personal content with your audience, like things you do for fun or what you like to do in your spare time. On the other end of the spectrum, use #ad or #sponsored to communicate that you are offering transparency. Hiding a brand deal can often backfire, as your followers may get frustrated because, what they thought was a genuine reaction or review, is actually scripted.

In conclusion, the main takeaway is to always be yourself, maintain your authenticity by being knowledgeable and transparent about what you’re endorsing and show your followers your true self.  Influencers – we would love to hear from you, comment below with your top tips.

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